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Name:prepare the night arrows!!
Location:United States of America
"idiot." - [personal profile] oflights
"when you can't tell if it's real sports or gay porn you know it's a hk original" - anonymous
"I've watched as she liveblogged cleaning out her fridge." - [personal profile] daisysusan
"I think we've established that in Ryan Lochte sex chicken, hk wins gold." - [personal profile] bessyboo
"hk is a horrible person for her Night Gwen Stacy Died photomanips. That is all." - [personal profile] lanewinree
"Why are you like this??" - [personal profile] laliandra
"hk is a terrible human being." - [profile] ivynights
"You’re so remorselessly evil I’m almost charmed by it. I think this is stockholm syndrome." - [personal profile] novembersmith
"Every day is sad graphics day over here." - [personal profile] laliandra
"there is something cold and dead inside you. dead like Gwen Stacy." - [personal profile] formerlydf
"i feel like so many people on my dash should wear a BUT THEN HK HAPPENED badge and we can all cry together." - [personal profile] thisissirius
"stop talking shit about me on twitter!!" - [personal profile] oflights

note about translations/podfics/other transformative works of my fic -- I like to know that these things are being created so that once they're done I can link people to them, so I'd appreciate it if you dropped me a line first but you don't have to. I'm cool as long as you give proper credit.

Username is a two-part pun on my heritage.
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action films, bandit lee, bandom, battlestar galactica, big block of cheese day, brendon urie's belly button, bronx mowgli, captain fine, castiel's :| face, cj doing the jackal, dustin moskovitz's metaphors, fictional mark zuckerberg's secret feelings, figure skating, glambert, good omens, greta salpeter, harry potter, house, johnny weirdo, kris allen's glittery top, lee adama, little miss sunshine, liz lemon, lyn-z ballato-way, magical zebras with wings, miley cyrus's hilarity, music, orchestral music, pianos, political intrigue, politics, regina spektor, sherlock holmes, sigur ros, spencer smith's bitch face, star trek, star wars, the way sisters, twilight remixing, wictor wictor, william beckett's imaginary baby, your mom, zq being a cake
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